What is a Control4 system?

Control4  products combine all of your homes electronics and technology, and get them to work in harmony together.

The end result is a simple system that anyone can use, and that controls all of your lights, heating, security, music, TV and video.

Within your home you are left with a clean finish, to compliment the interior decor, all of your homes electronics are kept out of the way and hidden from view, removing unecessary clutter from about your home.

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What if I only want lighting control?

The Control4 system is modular, meaning you could easily choose one element, lets say lighting control, and over time add security, music, video, gates curtains blinds etc. This means you can keep the costs down intially, but it gives your system great scope for expansion in time.

Control4 systems can be fitted to one room in your home, then grown to incorporate all of your home over time.

Does a Control4 system use a lot of energy?

On the contrary, the total control over your home's energy-consuming devices (lights, TVs, anything that gets plugged in, etc.) provided by Control4 allows you to more easily control how much energy is being used, by what, and when. For example, you can set your lights to come on at 90% instead of 100%, saving energy without sacrificing light or visibility. The possibilities for saving energy are virtually limitless when you have the total control provided by a Control4 system.

I have an existing home, is it too late for Control4?

One of the unique features of Control4 is that it uses both wired and wireless technology, making it just as simple to install in older homes as it is to install in new homes.

How much does Control4 cost?

Single room systems can start from as little as €2000.00 fully installed. Because the system is modular and customisable to each client the price varies across the different installations. Contact Future Homes for a more specific proposal to suit your requirements.

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