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Updating the Old with the New


When we were approached by this client last year explaining that they were renovating an 1850's Victorian house and that they wanted to integrate a technology, our eyes lit up. The client had many requests but the main concern of theirs and that of the interior designer, was that the old features of the house were not to be compromised or disturbed. This led to a few challenges as a full re-wiring of the house was out of the question. We decided that the best option was to go with a wireless system allowing the customer complete control using their iPhone's and iPad's. While keeping with the old traditions of the house the clients also wanted to give a sophisticated cutting edge feel to the home. We felt the best way to do this was to keep all of the equipment out of sight in the office room while leaving each room with clean finish with only a wall mounted screen for vision and discrete in-ceiling speakers for audio in each of the chosen rooms. The clients are big movie fans but decided they wanted to embrace downloading so we centrally distributed an Apple TV allowing them to view and download their favorite movies throughout the home. For music they went with the Sonos music system which they felt would give them great flexibility and enjoyment especially when having one of their so called famous dinner parties.

When it came to lighting design they were very clear on how they wanted to control and set their lighting system. We integrated a Dynalite 8 circuit dimmer downstairs giving them complete control and flexibility. They said they have already noticed energy savings they are making as they now no longer leave lights on or the fact they dim the lights to efficient levels.

Now we are finished we can look back on this project with a certain degree of satisfaction. Although not our biggest job we are certainly pleased we kept within the design specification of the client and were able to enhance this beautiful Victorian house and add another happy customer to our books

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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