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Ultra HD television, what you should know.

Ultra HD TV

There is  a huge buzz around at the moment about Ultra HD television, this is essentially the next big step in HD. At CES electronics show in early January,  was the launchpad for a lot of manufacturers announcing their upcoming products expecting to hit the market this year.

All of the big guns including Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic etc. have announced Ultra HD panels this year.


So what is Ultra HD and how is it different from the HD we know and love today? 

Well Ultra HD is a higher resolution than HD again, it's 3840 x 2160 pixels, an increase from the 1920 x 1080 of 1080p HD. It has been called 4K, accounting for the four thousand pixels, but this name has been changed for marketing purposes to Ultra HD.

As usual it will be sometime before TV providers such as Sky will be able to offer a Ultra HD service, but certainly with the release of the new screens, will mean the release of Ultra HD Blu-Ray players and media players. This will give a vast improvement overall to the picture quality, ideal for movie night at home, and enhancing the whole movie experience.

A few things to take note of at this stage, is ensuring if you are having any HD distribution fitted to your home, bar or hotel. We would strongly advise you fit a HDbaseT system, rather than standard 1080p HDMI distribution. Be sure to ask your installer to get conformation from the manufacturer that it is Ultra HD capable.

The same goes for HDMI cabling, be sure to ask for Ultra HD capable chords, or you will just have to change them out pretty soon.

For information on Ultra HD ready distribution systems, and prices click the link: FutureHomes HD Distribution Offers

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