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The new Sonos Playbar

The soundbar for music lovers
Stream music even if your TV is off, it's pretty much magic!

Sonos have released their new soundbar to add to its wireless speakers and streaming services.
Everything about the Sonos Playbar is simple, stylish and generally awesome.

The look:

The Sonos Playbar has been deigned in a modern one-piece design that fits into your TV system without encroaching on your interior design and can be mounted in front of the TV, above or below or on a TV stand.

Smart sounds: 

Inside this modern casing is some smart tech.
It has six mid woofers and three tweeters, with cleaver angles to the tweeters it gives the perfect balance of sound. The Nine class-D digital amplifiers are made to match the speakers and the modern look of the bar. There’s also a night mode that compresses the amplifiers volume for when you need quieter moments.
The simulated surround-sound is exceptional enough to make you question that it all actually comes from that one bar.


The Playbar plays anything that’s connected to the TV; this includes SAT boxes, cable, Blu Ray and any games console and plays all the common audio formats.

Sonos are priding themselves on the simple set up of this system. All you have to do to set Play bar up is plug the power cord in, attach the optical cord to your TV and then connect to you home WiFi network.

Once you download the free Sonos apps you can control the playbar with your ipad ,iphone or andrioid device.

So enjoy this cinema experience that comes from a bar ,it isn't super cheap but is super awesome.

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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