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Structured Cabling For New Homes

When building a new home or office, the type of cable being used can sometimes be overlooked. When it come to data and information however it is important to use quality grade cables, and to ensure they are installed correctly.

Structured Cable For TV Points

If we look at Cat5/6 cables, these are commonly run as individual cables, throughout a home or office. This can sometimes lead to the cables being exposed to other tradesmen and fitters during the installation process, due to the fragile nature of data cables, this can lead to damage or limited bandwidth. The real kick in the teeth is, you will not actually know this until the construction is finished, and by then it is too late to repair or re-run fresh cables.

This is where structured cable can have an edge over standard individual cables. Essentially structured cables combine multiple types of cables together, to eliminate the number of cable runs required, but also and more importantly to offer more mechanical protection against damage during the installation phase of the project.

An example of structured cable is CMC-4 Combined Media cable pictured above, this carries two Cat6 cables and two Quad Shield Co-Axial cables. This cable is designed specifically for modern HD TV points, offering the ideal quality cable for Saorview and satellite signal, but also has HDbaseT ready Cat6 cable integrated. These are all surrounded by a think PVC shield, offering a strong mechanical protection. A cable like this will normally retail some where around €400+VAT for a 150 Metre drum (this would in most cases cover approx 6 TV points, depending on the size of the home).

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