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Sonos taking the world by storm!

[youtube][/youtube] Sonos are fast becoming the World leaders in home audio systems, thanks to their free apps to suit Apple and Android products, as well as the PC controller. The ability to wirelessly control all of your homes stored music and internet radio is becoming the standard in most contemporary homes, and Sonos offers great flexibility. So lets have a look at the options: Existing home: So you are already living in the home of your dreams, would really like an audio system to compliment it, and you dont want to have to cut through ceilings and walls to fit a system? Well this is where the Sonos S5 comes in to play, it is a 2.1 wireless digital audio speaker set that can be moved from room to room, or even outside if necessary. The audio quality is astounding considering how small the unit is, and thanks to Sonos and their design team it is very aesthetically pleasing. Re-furbishment or new build: So you intend on doing some re-decorating or are building a new home, and would like a Sonos audio system? The absolute best quality audio acheived within your home, is achieved through in-Ceiling or in-Wall speakers. Simply put, the discrete ceiling or wall speakers have a very large cone (6" diameter in most cases), this large cone gives an extremely rich sound which cannot be achieved from small cube or cabinet stereo speakers. When a home is wired correctly, you can have astounding audio from the Sonos ZP120, playing music through your in-Ceiling  speakers. And best of all, when correctly installed the system is completely discrete, completely hidden out of site. The quality of the speaker is vital, as is the position of the speaker, this is why it is recommended to consult an AV professional who can offer guidance on the positions and product best suited to your home.

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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