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Sonos, simple home audio.

Sonos Playbar, simple home cinema, without the cables


Sound-bars are designed to offer home cinema sound, without the need for multiple speakers and remotes scattered around your room. Since they were first launched in 1998, there have been many various manufacturers launch their own models.

Sonos (well known for their wireless audio systems) however have come in to the market in the last while and have started out selling every other manufacturer with their 'Playbar'.
The Sonos Playbar (RRP €699) not only looks nice and sleek, so looks great sitting under your TV whether wall mounted or sitting on a cabinet, but the sound is absolutely astonishing. A great compliment for the modern sleek smart TV with tiny speakers.

A breeze to setup, You connect your optical audio out connection from your TV to the Playbar and follow the instructions via your tablet or smartphone app, and it learns the volume controls from your TV remote, which means you do not need any extra remote controls knocking around the house. Once these simple steps are done, hey presto: crystal clear surround sound playing whatever you are watching on your TV.

The Playbar on it's own is considered a 3.0 setup, you can add the Sonos wireless sub (RRP €699) if you wish to make it a 3.1 setup, or by adding a further 2 x Play 1 wireless speakers (RRP €199 each) you can achieve the full 5.1 setup.

Also it may be worth mentioning, that the Playbar carries all of the music functions that the rest of the Sonos collection has, music streaming from stored files, internet radio, streaming services such as Spotify etc. A great buy, that gives incredible sound and bang for your buck. It's hard to look beyond this when looking for home cinema quality sound in a new or existing home.

If you would like to hear for yourself, why not pop in to our showroom in Carrigaline, Cork and spend some time putting it through it's paces.


Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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