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Save Energy, Save Money with Future Homes Technology

Wouldn’t you love to be able to cut down on your energy bills?  With the way energy companies keep upping their prices, it seems like an impossible dream. 

But Future Homes can help you cut down your energy bills by up to 40%. 

Our smart systems help you streamline the energy system in your home, (electricity, gas etc.) in a way that cuts out waste and helps you make the most of the energy in your home. Lights being left on and electrical devices left on standby are the biggest energy guzzlers. Our technology can sense when you’re not using energy and switch electrical devices off, so you’re not paying for electricity you don’t use. 


We’re not energy consultants, but we do know how to use technology to make better use of your energy. More and more of our customers were coming to us, asking for services that would help them reduce their everyday energy costs. 

Solar panels and geothermal units are great for reducing costs, but there wasn’t much else available on the market. So we decided to offer energy solutions that would help save energy, save money – and save the planet!

Our systems help you monitor the way you use light, heat and other electrical equipment, so you can keep track of your costs. You can change your settings if you feel that you’re still not using your energy as efficiently as you want. 

The main system that helps us to help you save energy is the Adhoco System, a new addition to the Future Homes Family. It’s an intelligent control system that analyses how you use energy. It uses remote sensors, which pick up information wirelessly from the various switches in your home. This means it knows when you’re not using the device or switch and issues commands to switch it off. 

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Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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