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Are your products only for New Homes?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “are your products only for new homes”? The answer is no, our products are suitable for new or existing homes.

Every week we are fitting iPad lighting control systems, whole house audio systems, heating and energy management systems without so much as a blob of paint or filler.

Lighting control

Lets talk about the most popular system for existing home, lighting control. Thanks to new wireless lighting technology, we can fit wireless dimmer or switch modules to your existing light circuits. We then replace your old switch with a new push button to control these lights. We connect our lighting controller to your existing router and boom, your home now has iPad (well any Android or IOS device) control.

lighting control


Price is nearly always the next question, and no these systems do not cost the earth, in fact they can work out extremely cost effective for what you get in return. The main controller works out at €250 and there is only ever one needed for your home, each light circuit module will cost between €90 and €120 depending on the type of lights (in ceiling spots, lamps etc). Push button switches vary in price also, depending on the finish, we have a variety of finishes from  plain white plastic through to glass in a variety of colours, leather and even wood effect switches, to really add to the rooms decor.

So why not start small with a little project depending on what you can afford and add to it in stages.

Clipsal Lighting Switches

See for yourself

If you want more information or would like to see the systems in the flesh, feel free to call to our new showroom in Carrigaline, Cork. 

Opening hours:

M-F: 10am – 5pm

Saturday: 10am – 4pm

we can also open out of these working hours by appointment.


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