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New Loewe Speaker2go

Even though The Loewe speaker 2go is a late entry to the somewhat crowded bluetooth speaker market its one worth waiting for !!

With every company throwing their hat into the wireless speaker ring, it’s not easy to build a high-end product and get people to pay big bucks for it, but Loewe’s Speaker 2go is up to the challenge. It looks stylish thanks to its “clean, minimalist approach,” and it’s also small enough to “easily throw into a bag,” (the bit I love).

 In a separate box there’s a somewhat bulky charger with EU and UK plug options, if you’ve synced the  Loewe Speaker 2go with your phone it will also function as a hands-free voice speaker.  

Ports are to the rear, along with an on/off switch.  There’s a handy USB power out, and a less exciting 12V power inlet.  

Audio quality is excellent Loewe states the speaker 2go has an output of 40 watts, and its two mid-range 10w speaker drivers and a single 20w woofer are certainly enough to fill a room adequately.

Pitched as a travel speaker, it delivers audio flawlessly at this level. Bass is reasonable and impressive given the cabinet size and considering the whole package is slightly larger than a house brick, it’s an impressive performance.

Loewe claim the battery is good for eight hours, and in my unscientific tests that seems about right. It’s available in two colour ways – silver and black. 

Priced at only €289

Loewe spaker2go

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Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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