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Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect

A peek into Nest and the Home Automation revolution

Nest thermostat

Nest Lab works in the home automation space and is a company popularly known as being "what the creator of the iPod did next”.  Nest is the proud owner of the two products – Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. Nest believes in saving energy and diminishing the lines between home and work and their products have always lived up to this core value.

Nest thermostat is the world’s first Learning Thermostat which is electronic, programmable, self-learning and Wi-Fi-enabled. The device is housed in a round glass with the stainless steel outer ring providing all the functionality.  
It caters to a household’s heating and cooling needs by tracking one’s heating and cooling preferences over the first week of use. It can help one go a long way in terms of bringing down a sizable percentage of your heating and cooling bills. One feature that vouches for this is the Auto Away feature which senses inactivity in the room and tweaks its heating or cooling in order to conserve energy. This smart device can also control whole-home humidifiers, dehumidifiers and fans as well.

Nest Protect Smoke and Co2 Alarm

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Nest Protect managed to take home automation arena to the next higher level. Nest Protect is a smoke detector designed for the tech-savvy people of the smartphone age. It basically combines a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector with internet connectivity.  

It comes in two versions, wired or battery operated. This device connects to your home’s Wi-Fi Network and alerts the smartphone. It warns you in the occasion of any danger like the times you experiment cooking and end up burning the dishes. The device is equipped with a light ring at the centre that changes its colour according to the situation in hand in order to alert those who are hard of hearing. 
Nest has also gone another step forward by integrating with Control 4, which is a widely popular home automation system that controls lighting, entertainment, security, energy, and smartphone devices. Control 4 users can now control their Nest Thermostat with a tap on their Control 4 remotes or a touch on their mobile apps. 

Google has taken a leap into the home automation segment with the acquisition of Nest Labs. It has definitely gone beyond the search engine and advertising business and have tapped a lucrative market by this acquisition. Google has also cemented this fact with acquisition of companies like Boston Dynamics and Deep Mind. With the financial support provided by Google, we would be hearing more news on the smart home front.  Nest has diversified their product line by the acquisition of Dropcam, a company that makes small video cameras that can viewed by users to observe what’s going on at home while they are away. Similarly, Samsung has already released the Gear Fit smart watch that tracks your steps and heart-rate and also showcased its Smart Home technology at CES this year. Following this move, another tech giant Apple is also venturing into their Internet of Things initiative by eyeing the smart home market.  Although home automation market is at its nascent stage it is definitely going to be the next big thing with established brands storming their way into it.  

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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