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Monitor Audio MASS

MASS is a great, refined home cinema system.

With some wonderful features that give the quality you would expect from Monitor Audio.

There are some great features to the Mass, such as :

Impact bass modes, compact design; Twin-driver subwoofer with 220W amp, C-CAM speaker cones, hive reflex ports

The Monitor Audio MASS has two pairs of MASS 10 satellite speakers with one pair of front left/right channels, two rear surround channels and an identical centre channel speaker.
Designed with a tapered shape, they are not too showy to have in any room but are still a stylish addition to your room’s interior.
Monitor Audio's satellites are 9inches high they can be carried around with ease and can be installed just as easily.
You can either put them on whatever flat surfaces are available in your room and the large central channel comes with a cradle that keeps it still and safe.

You can also buy additional stands for €135 and these make it easy to put the cabinets into different positions for the best effect.

What about the sound?
Well, as expected from Monitor Audio the sound is crisp and powerful and brings the cinema experience well and truly home.
The sounds are open and the fine detail gives texture to vocals and acoustic instruments while the sub thrusts more up-tempo material to fill a room . Whatever your listening to or watching the Mass makes it into a really atmospheric experience.

Future Homes is now proud to be a Monitor Audio dealer.

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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