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INTRODUCING SONOS PLAY 1 – MINI BUT MIGHTY – 199e (includes free wireless extender bridge worth 49e)

Future Homes Cork are delighted to announce the unvailing of the New Sonos Play 1. Sonos®, the leading manufacturer of wireless HiFi, introduced the SONOS PLAY:1 just this week.

A compact and powerful wireless speaker that transforms music listening at home. PLAY:1 streams all your favourite music to any room in the home, in high fidelity sound.

Available from 29th October in the UK from select partners and on, PLAY:1 retails for €199. And, for a limited time during this Christmas shopping season, Sonos Play purchases come with a free BRIDGE valued at €49 (offer only available until December 31st 2013).With the Play:1, or any of the other Sonos Play products. Ideal Christmas Present!!! Contact our offices and purchase over the phone 00353 21 4355870 or purchase online . 

In other words, Sonos has added a smaller, less expensive speaker. It lowers the barrier of entry even further, makes a multi-room system a bit easier on the wallet, and fits in more places thanks to its much smaller footprint. Oh, and it sounds pretty sweet too.

Finally one seemingly small, but quite helpful, feature is that the Mute button on the other models has been replaced with a Play/Pause button on the Play:1. (Volume buttons are still there too.) Why is that cool? Because it means you don’t have to reach for your smartphone or tablet to start or stop the music.

With the new button you can start playing whatever’s next in your queue. A quick double-tap even advances to the next track. Genius! . And if you’re a Play:3 or Play:5 owner, say, feeling screwed that this new model can do something yours can’t there's a free software update turns your Mute button into the Play:1’s much more useful Play/Pause button (functionally, that is—you’ll need some paint and a pen if you want it to actually look the same).

Sonos Play 1


Sonos Play 1




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