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I want a music system throughout my new/existing home – in simple terms!!

playbar.life1_bigIf you are a home owner who loves listening to music then you might want to consider installing a so-called “whole home audio” system which would allow you to listen to music throughout your home. In the marketplace today, there two main types of whole home audio systems: professionally installed hardwired systems and do-it-yourself (DIY) wireless system which work with your computer/ipad/iphone/android/tablet and home WiFi network.Sonos Play 1

Lets pick SONOS!!!
Sonos products give you the flexibility to add music throughout the house without having to add wires and in-ceiling speakers.

A few Sonos devices can create a wireless blanket of sound across your home.
The good news: It’s never been easier. You literally plug them in, turn them on, then use your tablet/computer/phone to tell it what you want to listen to.

The bad news:There is no bad news!

It used to be: if you wanted to wire your whole house for audio, that’s exactly what you did — you wired your whole house for audio. Now, wires are entirely optional.

The Cost: It’s up to you how little or how much you want but you’re looking at up to €1,500 for a blow your mind full home audio music system, and as little as €199 to get yourself started (remember you can keep adding to it as you go)

Sonos Play 1 – €199

Sonos Play 3 – €299

Sonos Play 5 – €399

Play Bar (sound Bar) – €699

Sonos Connect – €349 (if you have existing speakers and wish to stream music through them)

Sonos Sub – €699

Why Sonos?

Sonos is now the go-to system for distributing audio throughout people’s home, from non-tech savvy folk like myself who seek simplicity to high-end customers planning to shell out tens of thousands of euro on their media rooms. How does it manage to fit both niches? Because it’s currently the only game in town for what it does. It’s also very flexible. You can go crazy and spend thousands of euro for ultimate customisation, or you can keep it simple and still do some cool stuff starting at €199

Every device that Sonos makes comes with the ability to talk to other Sonos devices. They also come with their own built-in software to access your favorite internet radio options (Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, etc.). That means set-up is minimal. If you own two or more Sonos devices they’ll form their own invisible network you never have to deal with. If you already have a home with speakers wired into the walls, you can buy a Sonos Amp for each speaker set and let Sonos do all the heavy lifting, connecting all the rooms together. For most people, the combination of Pandora, Spotify, various internet radio stations, and whatever music they have on their own devices is enough, and Sonos can handle all that on its own.

Another feature about Sonos I love is that I can listen to my own music in one room whilst the kids are causing havoc in another room listening to the latest artists I’ve never even heard of. Alternatively, when I am having a party I can play my music through the whole house blasting out tunes, much to the neighbours dismay.

My overall recommendation? If you’re starting from scratch and have the money speakers for a kitchen or a dining room don’t need to be terribly expensive because the rooms themselves aren’t built for sound. No point in splurging on high end speakers if you’ll never hear the difference due to acoustics. If you’re good at following directions, you might even be able to install speakers yourself. Free shipping to our Customers in Ireland.wireleslider

A majority of the students are spanish-speaking and do my homework for me work in the service or construction industries.

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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