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Hidden TV lift in your smarthome

In our videos page we have a new video showing how a TV can be hidden from view in a smarthome or boardroom. With smarthome technology (similar to the Apple homekit systems), one button press is enough to switch a TV on, bring the Control4 menu on screen and lift the TV out of a cabinet.


The video shows Rob using a Control4 SR150 remote control, and by pressing the 'Control4' button, the Panasonic TV raises gently up from within a drinks cabinet. These can also be used in bedrooms to lift TV's up from the end of beds.

This particular project has a Wyrestorm HDbaseT matrix switch, this sends 6 HD sources (3 x SkyHD boxes, Blu-Ray, And 2 x AppleTV) out to 6 TV's in the home from a central location. This means that each TV has access to any of those devices at any time, all from a central location, keeping the homes decor intact, and the technology hidden.

Pressing the 'Room Off' button, switches the Sky box off, shuts the TV down and closes the cabinet.


A really nice way to hide a TV to maintain your overall aesthetics.



Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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