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Welcome to the Future Homes Blog.  We’ve created this blog so we can tell you more about how our business works and share tips with you about how technology can enhance the running of your home. 

Technology is now a natural part of our everyday life. We’re always reaching for our iPads or iPhones, surfing the net and working on our computers. So we thought, why not make technology a natural part of your home? 

With the right technology mix, you can make it secure, get rid of clutter and enjoy entertainment in every room. Above all, we want to offer you control – we offer a keypad that lets you operate all the major facilities in your home with one touch of a button: lighting, security, entertainment, heating etc. 

We use a range of different products and systems to make this happen, but the most popular one is the Control4 system. It’s a universal remote With a touch of a button, you can be enjoying relaxing music in the bath, while your kids watch TV in the living room. 

The Control4 is one of the world’s leading automation systems and we were delighted to be made Platinum Dealers for Control4, thanks to our high sales and the quality of our installation. 

Best of all, our systems couldn’t be easier to use. We’ll explain everything from the bottom up, which is great if you’re not used to technology. And we design our systems so that they’re user friendly. We take all the hassle out of technology. 

Our systems can even save you money. For example, by automating heat and lighting, you’ll reduce your energy costs, because you won’t be leaving lights or heaters on when they’re not needed. And if you go away, you won’t have to pay for energy that you don’t use. 

We’ll be posting two blogs a month, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on how to make the most of technology in your home. 

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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