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Functional Art: The bespoke Hi-Fi speaker from Monitor Audio

Monitor audio have long been renowned for their award winning speakers, this UK based company have been winning audio awards across the globe for years. So it's not surpising that they have designed these stunning Soundframe speakers, getting the blend between high end audio and stunning looks just right.

Monitor Audio Soundframe Stereo Speakers

The Soundframe speakers come in either an in-wall or an on-wall version. The cover art is up to your own taste, with a huge range of choices from photograph images, abstract art to a coulour scheme to match your wall colour.

As you would expect the quality of the audio is not compromised by the stylish looks, with a choice in size between the S1, S2 & S3, you get a wide variety of audio specification to chose from.

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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