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Energy Monitors and how they help cut your usage


Want to know how much energy your household is using and considerably cut your usage?
There are a number of energy monitors on the market that provide you with accessibly convenient way to monitor your electrical usage.

The most effective smart monitoring system will display your usuage in real time on your smartphone, iPod touch or PC wherever you are.
Even when you’re out of the house you will always know the amount of energy your house is using.
This means you can remotely turn off your devices from where ever you are.
So when you’re on a night out or you've just left for holiday you can turn that light you always miss off or turn the heating off all through your smart phone.

An energy monitor is an affordable way to make an existing home a smart one, they are also really easy to install and use. 

Future Homes promote Green living and energy saving technologies and these monitors are one way to check that your only using the energy your home needs. 

Find out more about Green Living with Future Homes here.


Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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