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Electric Blinds, for existing buildings.

With new legislation coming in to action 31st March 2014 in relation to blinds and their safety, there is a big move away from manual blinds to electrically controlled blinds. They are safer (no chain or chord to catch children), and are smart so can be used as part of energy management in commercial buildings, or set to schedules for residential.

Over the years, one of the stumbling blocks have been the necessity for wiring these blinds retrospectively. This can prove to be messy looking (with surface cabling or trunking) and expensive as it requires an electrical contractor as well as the blind installer to get them operational. Thankfully those days are a thing of the past, Q-Motion are a manufacturer who has mastered wireless electronic blinds, these blinds can be fitted in to existing windows without any cabling required. These sleek units have an internal battery pack that lasts on average for 5 years. All control over these blinds can be done with Q-Motion wireless remote controls, or as part of an existing home/building control system.  



Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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