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Bower and Wilkins let music get even closer to you with the P5 headphone range

Bowers and Wilkins are known to create some beautiful cutting edge products and the P5 headphones are no exception.

These sleek headphones made from aluminium, stainless steel and soft black leather are so stylish you’ll be happy to wear them on your daily commute. 
Bower and Wilkins pride themselves on the comfort as well as innovative technology.
Headphones are used every day and these were designed with that in mind, the pads are comfortable and easy to wear and not bulky and restrictive like other high-end headphones.


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With their noise isolation technology, these headphones sit on your ears comfortably, eliminating the outside interference with secure ear pads that are magnetically attached to the speakers .Speakers that provide clarity to your music that you will not have heard before,showing off intricacies to music you probably haven’t even noticed even after listening to tracks over and over again.

Made to be completely compatible with ipods and iphones,the P5’s have some useful features, like the small remote's three buttons that allow you to pause and skip tracks. With an iPhone you are be able to take calls using the remote, speaking into a discreetly housed microphone, eliminating scrambling in the pocket moments. 

These headphones are strong, stylish and make music sound amazing.

Bower and Wilkins P5 headphones will be available in Future Homes showroom, Cork, opening soon. 




Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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