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Amazing home cinema experience with the YAMAHA RXV673 Black AV Receiver

YAMAHA RXV673 Black AV Receiver


The Yamaha RXV673 the future of home cinema.

The Yamaha RXV673 is a home cinema system that supports 3d and 4K video pass through and can convert lower resolution video into 4K video.
With a higher resolution the interface is easy to use and attractive and allows you to have more control over your preferences.
It’s a network receiver so supports airplay, allowing you to connect to your local computer's music and gives you access to thousands of Internet radio stations.

It has been developed to have two zones available you can listen to a movie in one room and can play music to be heard in another area of the house.

You can also control of the system using the controller app that is available for your iphone, ipad or android phone.

There is USB port on the front panel that allows you to connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad and also charges them when connected.
A digital signal is transmitted directly from the iPod/iPhone/iPad to the AV receiver so you don't ever experience signal loss or sound interference.
Also you can use the remote control unit on the receiver to control your iPod/iPhone/iPad playback functions.

Yamaha uses their own sound calibration call YPAO, it calibrates the sound according to the rooms acoustics. They also have what they call the ‘dialogue lift’ .
This is a feature that ‘lifts’ dialogue from the the centre channel and gives the illusion that the sound ,instead of coming from the speaker is being heard from the screen.

You can also adjust the dialogue level, which allows you to separate the vocals so you can avoid them being smothered with surrounding effects.

If you have compressed MP3;s the ‘compressed music enhancer’ will restore all the sound quality that was lost through the compression process, so you can appreciate better sound quality and general music experience.

All this and it can be run on an eco mode that uses around 20% less power consumption.

The Yamaha RXV673 will be available from the Future Homes showroom soon.

Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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