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Air power the Loewe AirSpeaker

Plus lŽger que l'air - le son de l'enceinte Loewe Air Speaker

The Loewe AirSpeaker.

The Look: 

The Airspeaker is a sleek box design and available in black or a silver finish. Loewe also provide a service (for a fee) where you can order the top panel in any colour you can think of from the RAL spectrum so it'll match any interior and can be individual to you. There is no dock in the design you get a digital USB that can use the audio from any iDevice (ipod,iphone etc) and has a 3.5mm aux in for other devices.

The Tech:

Ethernet is Loewe's recommended method for the AirPlay and is the simplest way in which to set up the speakers . You connect the ethernet and it'll show up on your iTunes or iOS device. Although the wireless capability is a bit harder to set up, you only have to do it once and it doesn't effect the sound .For such a compact looking speaker it has an impressive amount of speakers inside it,two subwoofers, two tweeters and two midrange drivers dwell in this small little case creating a crisp and controlled sound. There are only three buttons on the AirSpeaker,the power button ,volume and status. It makes it easy to use and simple to explain to others! 

The Loewe AirSpeaker will soon be available through the Future Homes showroom and is a great piece of equipment for music lovers.



Robert Gill - Co-Founder of Future Homes, avid sailor and all round tech geek.

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