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Sonos Playbar, simple home cinema, without the cables

  Sound-bars are designed to offer home cinema sound, without the need for multiple speakers and remotes scattered around your room. Since they were first launched in 1998, there have been many various manufacturers launch their own models. Sonos (well known for their wireless audio systems) however have come in to the market in the […]

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I want a music system throughout my new/existing home – in simple terms!!

If you are a home owner who loves listening to music then you might want to consider installing a so-called “whole home audio” system which would allow you to listen to music throughout your home. In the marketplace today, there two main types of whole home audio systems: professionally installed hardwired systems and do-it-yourself (DIY) […]

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Niamh’s Blog on Lighting and Home Automation

Are your products only for New Homes? One of the most common questions we get asked is "are your products only for new homes"? The answer is no, our products are suitable for new or existing homes. Every week we are fitting iPad lighting control systems, whole house audio systems, heating and energy management systems […]

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