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Nice Rack!!!!

The Importance and advantages of installing a centrally located rack system for your homes electronic equipment   A question we are often asked by clients and people within our industry is, can I do without a rack? Our answer is simply no! You may feel in the short term that by excluding a rack you […]

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Updating the Old with the New

  When we were approached by this client last year explaining that they were renovating an 1850's Victorian house and that they wanted to integrate a technology, our eyes lit up. The client had many requests but the main concern of theirs and that of the interior designer, was that the old features of the […]

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Adhoco: energy saving technology on a budget.

We are delighted to announce that FutureHomes are now installers of Adhoco products. Adhoco are a Swiss company, who have created a lighting and heating control system designed specifically to reduce energy use. Their products are specifcally aimed at the exisiting home/office market. With products deisgned to fit directly on to exisiting radiator valves, and […]

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Technology and Assisted Living

Home automation is becoming a viable option for the elderly and disabled who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility.These solutions use the same technology and equipment as home automation for security, entertainment, and energy conservation but tailors it towards the elderly and disabled. Our […]

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Stay Green With Smart Home Technology

With the increasing awareness about energy use and staying green, there is a lot to be said for using technology as an aid. More and more often we can see homes being built or renovated, and having solar panels on the roof. Take a look inside and you will see energy saving LED light fittings […]

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